Who Benefits

Who benefits

  • Children and  their families as improved health reduces their healthcare costs,
  • The biggest financial beneficiaries include:
    • Municipal health and hospital systems
      • Reductions re-admittance and recurring  ER visits, better outcomes, less uncompensated care and penalties for poor compliance
      • Leaving more funds to support critical services that are important to the 99%.
    • Public/private insurers who must pay for the services rendered
  • Elected officials and nonprofit organizations with a social mission.
  • Underserved schools, communities and school districts
    • At present, these schools provide care for our most vulnerable residents and is the only primary care most of these children receive.
    • Sponsoring school health teams offsets the negative impact of cuts in critical services and hospital closings in vulnerable communities [Click for more…]
      • Provides access to community health services closer to home
      • Identifies and track health risks, statuses, outcomes and trends – while monitoring for and controlling the spread of infectious disease (e.g., H1N1) in near-real time

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