A Citizen-led Movement for the Common Good

Health, education and the economy are integrally linked.  Healthy children learn faster and better, consume less costly health care and are more productive over a lifetime.

For these reasons, a systemic approach to health reform is needed; one that yields measurable results in a timely, cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Evidence suggests that when school health is a priority for local residents, there are more than enough school nurses to meet the need.  This has been proven to be the case in communities where the recommended school nurse to student ratio has been met or exceeded.

The goals of the Occupy Health Rooms Movement are simple:
  • To raise citizen’s awareness about the dangers that school nurse layoffs pose to society – and to provide stakeholders with a venue to organize and express their desire to reverse the school nurse layoff trends.
  • To produce alternative sources of funding for school nurses, that are immune to state and school district budget cuts.
  • To provide parents, educators and school health workers with tools to organize and motivate their respective elected officials to  represent the best interests of the voting public.
To learn more… please watch the Call for Action:  A Sustainable Way to Occupy Health Rooms.


When we succeed, the health status of children will improve, as will attendance and graduation rates, and productivity over a lifetime.  This reduces crime and increases the skilled labor pool, which is essential to a strong economic recovery – that does not rely on tax increases, deficit spending or new legislation.  In these ways, the Occupy Health Room Movement intends to improve the health and well-being of our nation, one life, one family, school, school district, community and state at a time! 

We hope you will join us.

Please tell us about your interests and needs by taking the Survey (school nurse, parent or community organizer).  

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