Welcome to Occupy Health Rooms

Occupy Health Rooms is a broad-based coalition that provides inspiration, education, strategies and organizational support for those seeking to strengthen the health care safety net so it’s there when “We the People” need it.

Working in solidarity with Saving our Safety Net (SOSN), Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) and other grassroots movements,  we invite community stakeholders and organizers, like Democracy Awakening, to do more than protest, picket and march.  We invite them to engage the local community in ways that improve the health status of vulnerable populations.  Working together we can improve adherence to self-care and discharge instructions, reducing the likelihood of complications, inappropriate ER use, readmissions and rising levels of uncompensated care.  Working together we can strengthen and expand the public health safety net – by creating meaningful jobs to occupy health rooms, whenever and wherever they are needed most.

This is a call for citizen action – in which “We the People” work together to tailor community outreach programs that strengthen safety nets across the nation.  By connecting public health, faith and community-based organizations with local hospital systems, we can expand critical services far beyond “perceived” limitations – cost-effectively and sustainably.  In this way, constructive projects led by OHR can produce near term positive results that complement the long term strategies of the Occupy Movement proper while improving the bottom line of participating safety nets. The collective efforts of empowered communities can produce measurable and beneficial results in a timely fashion, because “We the People” are far more powerful than we’ve been led to believe.

By occupying health rooms we can create:

  • Near term savings
    • Sponsor the placement of health and social workers in the communityies where they’re needed most.
    • Improve adherence to self-care and discharge instructions and better outcomes
    • Fewer complications, ER visits and costly readmissions
  • Long term savings
    • Improve care coordination and better compliance with discharge and self- care instructions and preventive measures
    • Effective response to rising demand
  • Subsidized jobs through participating health rooms (PHIERStations)
    • Safety net, public health and community-based organizations
    • Health professionals and specially trained health/social workers seeking local assignments

To bring about lasting positive change, “We the People” must take well-considered action.   We must come together to plan and execute strategies that will create the type of health reform that we deserve.   We have the ability to make a positive difference and most importantly, we can make it work!

Learn more by visiting PHIERS.org and the Health Reform Coalition.

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