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We are a voluntary and democratically-elected movement that is accountable to and work on behalf of “We the People”.  We invite all to participate, vote and make a difference..  We were formed in early 2012 because constructive projects are needed to reverse harmful trends that negatively impact people of all walks of life.  Rather than accept the layoffs without offering a viable alternative, We the People say “NO!” to school nurse layoffs to balance the budget.

We the People:

  • Have seen the news, heard the reports and have been told repeatedly by experts and legislators that the health of our nation, it’s its economy and its people are in decline.
  • Have watched as our nation’s TOP public health advocates, school health programs and nursing associations report on the challenges facing our children
  • Have grown weary of “projected solutions” that are painful, costly and slow in delivering positive and desired results, whose costs far outweigh the benefits of knee jerk reactions and inaction.
  • Can do more than blame, complain and report on a health care crisis – we can organize, mobilize and take action to bring about lasting, positive change.
  • We can start by letting our voices be heard, signing the petition and holding our elected officials, health administrators and school districts know that we’re paying attention.
Who said health reform has to be painful, costly and slow in delivering desired results?    Who said they’re right?  They’ve done their best and we see what they’ve produced.  We can do better!

“We the People” can take action to bring about lasting positive change.  We can engage our elected officials and let them know what we, their constituents, believe will serve our collective best interests.

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