Why a Movement?

The same soaring costs that are straining families’ budgets are sinking businesses and consuming state and local government budgets.  The call for reform is coming from the bottom up and from across the spectrum, from doctors, nurses and patients to unions, businesses, hospitals, healthcare providers and community groups.  The importance of Citizen-led movements for social causes cannot be overstated.  Instead of relying on elected officials, public and school health advocacy groups and service providers to make decisions that “We the People” must bear the cost of, we can and should become part of the process to ensure that our best interests are being addressed in a timely manner.
Although we recognize that many individuals and organizations have been working to improve social, racial, and economic justice for decades, and that peaceful protests is an effective way to bring about lasting change, these tactics, although effective, often take years to bring about desired results.

The challenge:  the American people are in need of constructive projects that improve health, save time and cut costs for health care delivery where and when the people need it most.  We need relief now!

By working with our local hospitals, senior services and school health officials, we can:

  • Improve care coordination, compliance with self care and preventive measures, which will  reduce unnecessary ER usage
  • Connect public health, schools, faith, senior and community-based organizations in ways that enhance community health and wellness
  • Provide employment opportunities supported by this movement to support this movement and its initiatives
  • Track the cost benefits of OHR sponsored projects to prove that Citizen-led projects can be effective and productive:
    • Near term savings will result from ER diversions and increased use of primary care services
    • Long term savings will result from health promotion and primary  preventive activities reinforced through venues where “We the People” spend our time.

Together, “We The People” can create positive change for the benefit of all.  


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