About the Occupy Health Rooms Movement

The purpose of this website is to raise awareness, organize, mobilize and overcome the issues that stand in the way of meaningful Health Reform.  We are a voluntary and democratic movement that is accountable to and work on behalf of “We the People”.  We invite all to participate, vote and make a difference..  We were formed in early 2012 because constructive projects are needed to reverse harmful trends that negatively impact people of all walks of life.

The Case for Occupy Health Rooms

The economy has worsened over the years and ERs across the country have seen a huge surge in the number of people seeking services, straining ERs to the breaking point and threatening access for the 99%.  Low income and minority groups, the elderly and those in poor health are most dependent on the public health safety net for all their healthcare needs.   Most of these needs are due to costly chronic disease, which is responsible for 75% of all healthcare spending, and the majority of uncompensated care facing hospitals serving vulnerable populations.  These costs can be prevented or significantly reduced if detected early and properly managed, and if healthier lifestyles are taught and reinforced through trusted venues.

If left unchecked, hospitals will continue to close in communities where they’re needed most, or relocate to wealthier suburbs.  In both cases it will  negatively impact all of us (the 99%).   Unless something happens to reverse these trends America’s growing elderly population, children with chronic conditions and high levels of uncompensated care will contribute to catastrophic overcrowding and will force more hospitals to close.

Patients who must travel farther to receive care often delay it until the condition becomes an emergency, which increases cost, risk, poor health outcomes and mortality rates.

  • In recent years, premiums have grown far faster than wages, millions have joined the ranks of the uninsured, and the cost of health  care now causes a bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds.
  • Fixing what’s wrong with our health care system  is no longer just a moral imperative but an economic one (President Obama)

Goals for the Occupy Health Rooms Movement:   

  • To create constructive projects that yield measurable, positive and socially redemptive results that benefit the 99%.
  • To engage the community in coordinated health interventions that are reinforced in schools and the surrounding community
  • To increase access to health care resources for entire communities without increasing taxes or the deficit or requiring any legislation
  • To track the cost benefits of OHR sponsored projects over time

Who benefits

  • Children and  their families as improved health reduces their healthcare costs,
  • Municipal health and hospital systems
  • Reductions re-admittance and recurring  ER visits, better outcomes, less uncompensated care and penalties for poor compliance
  • Leaving more funds to support critical services that are important to the 99%.
  • Public/private insurers who must pay for the services rendered
  • Underserved schools, communities and school districts
  • At present, these schools provide care for our most vulnerable residents and is the only primary care most of these children receive.
  • Sponsoring school health teams offsets the negative impact of cuts in critical services and hospital closings in vulnerable communities

We encourage and warmly welcome comments and additions to this site. 

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